Listen and annotate structures in performed music and linked biosignals

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Fyfe, L., D. Bedoya, E. Chew (2022). Annotation and Analysis of Recorded Piano Performances on the Web. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 70(11): 962–978. doi: 10.17743/jaes.2022.0057.

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December 2022: Arrhythmia Suite 3 for Citizen Science & Frontier Research Event

Inspect and annotate ECG and music of ventricular ectopics with short tachycardia runs collaged from Beethoven's Fifth. Recorded on a 12-lead Holter monitor and the Bösendorfer VC280 EnPRO No.42

November 2022: Stolen Rhythms for Global Atrial Fibrillation Aware Week

Annotate short ECG traces of atrial fibrillation with matching music collaged from Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Schubert. ECG from a 3-lead Holter monitor; sounds courtesy of Modartt : Pianoteq


April 2022: Free exploration dataset

Explore and mark a range of performed structures using boundaries, regions, note groups, and comments. Performances rendered on the Bösendorfer VC280 EnPRO No.42

March 2022: World Piano Day with Glenn Gould

All four parts of Gould's iconic 1955 recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations now available on CosmoNote. Precise notes and timings courtesy of Steinway. Mark performed boundaries

December 2021: CosmoNote unveils the Glenn Gould collection!

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